Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

On May 5, Scotty McCreery had the “worst morning of my life” when he and his friends were robbed at gunpoint in an apartment near the University of North Carolina, where he is a student.

And now, nearly two weeks later, he’s ready to talk about it.

The American Idol winner called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to talk about the “scary” late night.

“If I had gone on 80 years and never had to deal with that, I would have been fine,” Scotty admitted. “We had gone out … it was like 1:30 in the morning … We were watching Gladiator on TV. And all of a sudden we heard a knock and they just barged on in.”

According to the country singer, the suspects ”knocked first … we didn’t recognize them [so] we didn’t open it. And the second guy, [my friend] thought it was a neighbor. And it was only one person … no mask, no gun, no glove, didn’t look suspicious. As soon as they opened the door, then four people barged in guns a blazing. I thought whatever you want you take it. I was on the ground, and he was holding the gun to our heads. I was staring down the barrel of a pistol.”

Although the robbers made off with a few wallets, Scotty’s phone, and a laptop, he admits everything is replaceable and he’s just happy no one was hurt.

For more from Scotty, listen to the audio above! And download his song ”Feelin’ It” is on iTunes now!