Did Bieber's bus get busted? Reports surfaced Thursday, Apr. 25 in Swedish newspapers that Justin Bieber's tour bus was searched by police Wednesday night and turned up a small amount of marijuana and a stun gun.

Lars Bystrom, press officer of the Stockholm police department, confirmed to Us Weekly that the 19-year-old singer's bus was, in fact, searched Wednesday.

"It was an on duty police officer at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, where Bieber was staying, who first smelled the scent of marijuana or hashish coming from the bus, just as the door of the bus slammed. There were approximately 10 people on board at the time. At that time the bus left for the Globe Arena, which is where Justin was due to perform," Bystrom said. "The officer contacted our narcotics unit to gain a warrant to check the bus at the Globe's garage. Police and sniffer dogs obtained a warrant to search the bus. During the raid they found a small amount of undetermined drugs and a stun gun, which would require license in Sweden."

No one will be charged, however, as the bus was empty at the time of the search.

"The drugs have been sent for analysis and the stun gun has been seized, however because at the time of the raid the bus was empty, no suspects have been linked to the findings. We do not have any concrete suspicions against any specific individual," Bystrom explained. "There are no hearings planned over this. Myself and my colleagues are confident in this decision."