Okay fellow Walking Dead addicts, remember the final scene of Season 4? Rick and the gang are being held prisoner in a boxcar at Terminus...and he says that the Terminus bad guys are going to "feel pretty stupid when they find out"...that "they're messing with the wrong people".

That scene was taken RIGHT out of the comic book- except for one part. Rick didn't say "messing" in the comic - he said "f-----g"- which many agree has a lot more feeling than "messing" and SHOULD have been the word they used on AMC - I mean, it IS cable after all, right?

I guess they DID shoot a scene with the f-bomb intact- and also guessing that it'll probably be on the season 4 DVD.

Here it is, enjoy: (oh and WARNING: explicit nsfw language ahead!)

Yeahhhhhh! AWESOME, right??