The video is from when Justin was 14...he sings his song 'One Less Lonely Girl' but replaces 'girl with the n-word. Justin then proceeds to sing 'if I kill you...I'll be part of the KKK'. Yeow.

According to TMZ, Bieber and his camp has known that the videos have existed for years but were not going to pay someone to make them go away. TMZ also reports that Bieber told Usher and Will Smith that the videos existed, that's when Usher showed him some historic videos of dealing with racism to give him some history and drive home a lesson. <

Regardless, this is pretty bad.

Justin apologized for the videos already, saying he was young and he's grown now.

TMZ is also reporting that Biebs people were in negotiations over the videos that were stolen from Justin's hard drive. The price dropped from 1 million to $500,000 and Biebers reps blew off the guy who has possession of the videos last week so the videos started being released.