August 7th




Banana Republic teamed up with French fashion designer, Roland Mouret, to create a classy yet sexy line of women's clothing and it launches today. Even if you think Banana Republic is not your style this one is worth checking out! The collection has tasteful cocktail dresses, pencil skirts, sweaters, and pants all of them are great for work, date night, and the dresses are great for a wedding. Victoria Beckham wore one of Roland's dresses which ultimately put him on the map. Now we can say we have something in common with Posh Spice!




I wouldn't normally feature a water filter in What's Trending but this one is pretty pimp. The Every Drop water filter was created by WhirlPool Water. It's not one of those filters where you have to wait for the water to trickle through the filter, it comes through immediately.... and, wait for it, it's portable. The Every Drop filter is cute, looks like a water drop, can fit in your purse or gym bag, and has a case so if it's wet when you put it away water won't get on your stuff. One filter is good for up to 450 bottles of water. You can buy online for $19.99 or in stores at Walmart. This would be great to have with me every time I have no bottled-water left and I'm hungover in a hotel - I can drink right out of the sink!