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A young musician who has supposedly been revealed as Michael Jackson's long-lost son, has released a video speaking for himself.  B. Howard is distancing himself from the rumors in a video posted on his Facebook page. 

Howard posted the video just before a Thursday press conference that streamed on the website  The site claims to have obtained the results of a paternity test that prove Howard  is the late singer's son. 

In a statement released by his manager, Howard explains that he had agreed to participate in a documentary with and was asked to hand over a sample of his DNA.  The company says it bought a 30-year-old dental impression of Michael's on auction.  That gave them access to the late superstar's DNA in order to run a test -- which came out positive.  Howard says he "never expected it to be used in this manner," and reiterates that he has no intention of pursuing the family's estate.  

Howard is said to be the result of Michael's affair with a singer named Miki Howard, who was a client of his Michael's father Joe.  In the early 80's Miki was known by "Billie," and has been rumored to be the inspiration behind Jackson's hit "Bille Jean."